A Recipe for Everyone

For more than 20 years, I’ve been a woman among men. To keep up with two sons and an active husband, I’ve learned to follow football, laugh at off-color jokes and become an expert at removing grass stains.

I’ve also cooked a lot of meat – mainly chicken, some beef and pork, and weekly fish, even though one son has never really liked fish. Dinner really wasn’t dinner unless there was big plate of protein on the table.

My boys are now men, and they often come to dinner. A few years ago, girls started coming with them. These girls are lovely and vegetarians. Thrilled to have females at the table, I threw myself into making main dish vegetables: stuffed peppers, pasta primavera, Greek zucchini and carrot pie.

That’s all well and good – with a week of planning and hours of preparation time. But with drop-in vegetarian guests, I needed a recipe that I could throw together quickly. I also wanted something that amounted to more than a salad, especially in cooler weather.

Everyone likes this cauliflower recipe, which also works well with Brussels sprouts and sweet potatoes (let me know if I should try some other vegetables). Paired with pasta, salad or some good bread, it’s an easy meal for our “girls” and another side dish for everyone else.