Jack-o-Lantern Personal Pizzas

Get into the season with this simple and festive dinner. Homemade pizza dough, ready in a flash, topped with simple ingredients and transformed into a friendly (or spooky, if you wish) jack-o-lantern face.

1 cup warm water
2 tsp. yeast
2 ½ cups flour
¾ tsp. salt
2 Tbsp. oil
2 tsp. sugar
1 jar (14 oz.) pizza sauce
Shredded mozzarella cheese

1. Prep 2 baking sheets with foil and coat with baking spray. Set aside.
2. Put the yeast and water in a bowl and stir thoroughly to combine.
3. Add the flour, salt, oil and sugar and stir until a soft dough forms.
4. To make the jack-o-lantern pizzas, divide the dough into four equal parts. Press each section out into a circle on the foil, two to a pan. Pull out a small section to make a stem.
5. Let them stand for 15 minutes.
6. Top with pizza sauce, shredded mozzarella cheese and pepperoni (as the face of the Jack-o-Lantern).
7. Bake at 400ºF for 10-15 minutes, until the crust and cheese are turning golden brown.
Tip: This dough can be pressed out into 1 large pizza. Instead of dividing the dough, press all the dough into 1 large pizza on a prepped, foil-covered baking sheet, coated in baking spray. Pull out a little section for the stem and then add the toppings. Bake at 400ºF for 15-20 minutes, until the crust and cheese are turning golden brown.